Our Vision

We see our organization rising all over the world. An organization which aims at leadership in the hospitality industry and committing the "I CAN DO IT" service standard by understanding and delivering services that exceeds our guest expectations..


Our Mission

We are committed to meet & exceed the expactations of our guest through our dedication to every aspect of service by growing and developing out team members who we rely on to make this happen. Together we are committed to keep five continents hotels & Resorts

"A Rising Sun Around The World"


Our Philosophy

We Aim
To provide the hotel owner with guaranteed business solution for his room inventory prior to signing any management contact for the property.

We Care
Five Continents Hotels & Resorts is committed to offering its guest an authentic hotel experience. We attach a great deal of value to creating a lasting memory for our guests, be it for a short stay in a business hotel or a prolonged family vacation in one of our resorts.


Corporate Values


We are a Dynamic Progressive company displaying a modern International Management Culture. Our Organization is not rigid, it is constantly evolving, and we welcome individualization and active participation at all levels.

We are specialists in Developing and Managing Hotels suitable for International Business and Leisure.


Our Identity



Five Continents is committed to maintaining a branded positive public image at all times. This means maximising our efforts to act in a professional and friendly manner whilst being socially responsible. We have earned our reputation as an efficient, innovative and dynamic organization concerned for society.


Our Services

As an experienced professional operator in the hotel and hospitality industry, Five Continents has developed its own package of services, which help support groups to benefit from our skilled teams with their accumulated experiences. Our professionals will work effectively and efficiently to provide the contracted services in quality manner and to recognize international standards.



Hotel Management


As a pioneer organisation in the field, Five Continents has developed unique quality management principles for specific purposes that satisfy all parties.


Risk Management

Not all hospitality projects or businesses are in a good enough health to achieve the managers or owners’ objectives. Many reasons may create such circumstances or stand behind them. However it is in our art to deal with such crisis investing the present resources of the business in creating the best outcome and solutions. Analysis of problematic hospitality businesses always require our experience to process all business components: market, financials, personnel, sales, logistics, assets and any resource of production.


Building Re-Innovation


Five Continents believes that assets (specifically buildings) have been created for two main reasons: to work as long as possible, and to create as much as possible in return. We have developed a business model that will achieve such objectives and more. Refurbishment of old building and transferring them to attractive productive hotels has proved a very efficient experience where owners have achieved triple of the returns before refurbishment to create an efficient hotel.



Consultancy & Advisory


The pre-qualifications we have in the field of hotel industry are qualifying us to provide advisory and consultancy service to hotels and hospitality businesses. Our professionals are fully qualified to provide consultancy in the following fields:



Technical Services


Five Continents employs a set of criteria that help hotel developers to design their building as per the international standards for any level of classification. We provide all necessary support to the building designer in order to make the building:



Turn-key Services


Our Project Management Team has extensive experience in all phases of hotel development, including renovation and new “ground-up” construction.



Feasibility Studies

Our project feasibility study provides an evaluation and analysis of the potential of the proposed project which is based on extensive investigation and research to give full comfort to the decisions makers. Our feasibility studies aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture, opportunities and threats as presented by the environment, the resources required to carry through, and ultimately the prospects for success.




Simply, for hotels and resorts, we practice this act of obtaining or buying goods and services professionally. Our process will depend on client’s requirements, but generally the process includes preparation and processing of a demand as well as the end receipt and approval of payment. For us, it may involve:



Business Transition

Five Continents is the acknowledged leader in transitional management. Whether from an owner to a new owner, from a management company to another operator or as a result of substantial change required in the business due to increased competition, rebranding or financial issues Five Continents will lead the business through the change cycle. The independent approach to managing the businesses in such a hands on manner is ideally suited to those requiring change.


Integrated Marketing Platform


Five Continents has built up a vertically integrated marketing platform for delivering revenues to our businesses. The following components form this effective marketing platform:



Financing Facilities


Five Continents has built a solid network of investors and financers all over the world. In addition, it is sourced by a reasonable capital for its operations. Both resources will enable us to manage the financial resources necessary for some selective investments.



Networking & Outreach


An essential element of our approach has been to network with strategic partners and utilise their specific skills in the delivery of our projects when it is cost effective for the project. This has led to us developing a series of relationships based on mutual respect that deliver timely support and direction to our businesses. This covers all areas of our business and new relationships are constantly being forged where the need is demonstrated.





A key component of Five Continents success has been the ability to build a brand that is strong enough to achieve market visibility and flexible enough to recognise the value of locally operated businesses. A developed brand standard regime and recognition of the importance of discipline in supporting its development are at the core of the group



Affiliation Services


A key component and unique aspect of our business model is for the relationships to be based on specific affiliations where the resultant outcome adds value for both parties. This may well apply in marketing and branding and other management services such as Finance, Operations and Investment where the relationship is mutually beneficial.
















Experience Five Continents

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